Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Super Cub Video from Rob in Japan!

Rob is an American young man living in Japan. What makes him a one-of-a-kind among the human race is, in addition to his talents with a video camera and editing console, he has a heart for the Honda Super Cub! Naturally, as he resides in a country where the Cub is not only ubiquitous but is also still available brand new in Honda dealerships, he bought one a few years ago and has shared his happy experiences, often via video, on his "Adventures of a Super Cub" blog ever since. For this, his fellow American Super Cub lovers are eternally grateful (and jealous)! He recently posted the above short. Enjoy!


  1. Cool video. I sure would like to get a pair of "Honda quality" front turn signals for my 83.

  2. You can - just look for genuine honda front signals for the 1970-73 C70M model, either sold on Ebay (typically from part-outs), or at, or at You should be able to find them. Good luck!


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