Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 2010 Honda Super Cub - Could it Get Any Better?

We may not be able to buy the Honda Super Cub here in the USA, but it's still selling strong in Japan and Asia, and in 2009 Honda even undertook a major design update of the bike - going from the original pressed steel frame to a tube steel frame with plastic body panels to retain the classic look.  They also finally (perhaps taking a cue from SYM) updated the front suspension to telescopic fork, and added EFI.  Most importantly for hopeful American buyers, Honda increased the engine displacement to 110cc and added a 4th gear to the transmission.  That extra horsepower and gearing should make the 2010 Super Cub suitable for speeds of up to around 50 mph - about the same as the SYM Symba.  One can only hope that, with the success of the Symba here in the USA and Canada, Honda will see fit to bring the Cub back to American Honda dealerships!