Friday, October 29, 2010

Taiwan's Super Cub History...

The Super Cub is the most manufactured motor vehicle in history, having been made not just in Japan but throughout Asia for the past 52 years.  

In Taiwan, Honda chose to license manufacturing to local companies operating on the Island, rather than pay the stiff import duties levied on imported vehicles.

One such company was Sanyang Industry Co. (SYM), which started production of the Super Cub in 1962. This photo is of the SYM museum in Hsinchu, Taiwan.  Note the C100 Cub on the right and the Symba on the far left, with all the intervening models in between.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Baby's For Sale!

Here's my '70 Honda CM70!  I'm (finally -it's taken two years!) done with the restoration and just listed it on Ebay.  

Even though I've owned quite a few Super Cubs, the '70 and '71 models have always had a special appeal to me - a significant update to the original design (note the "real" turn signals and larger headlamp), but still retaining the bolt-on fuel tank and ignition key in the side cover.  This version even has a "night light" that you turn on by pushing the horn button (when the ignition is off), which helps you in the dark to get the key in the switch:  no other model years have that!  The highlights of this project are the rebuild of the original motor, which increased the displacement from 70cc up to 90cc, and upped the transmission from a 3-speed to 4-speed. I also added larger tires (2.75 rear; 2.50 front), and a headlight with a replaceable bulb.  Everything works, runs great.

In accordance with my agreement with the better half, I have to sell this bike before moving on to my next restoration, which is a '65 CA100 (50cc).