Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elegant Simplicity

Observe and enjoy for a moment the above advertisement from the mid-1960's. Can you imagine any other motorcycle underneath that stylish, intelligent-looking girl that would have the same effect? It's strange - the Super Cub is not very masculine but it is not feminine, either. It is something that very few, if any, other motorcycles can claim to be: handsome. The lines are elegant, the colors - red, white, and black - are simple yet bold and appealing. Elegant simplicity might be another good description. Put a cute co-ed on top (and note, one that looks elegantly simple herself - smartly dressed - pretty but with class and a pose that seems to say that she has brains in addition to good looks), and the combination is quite pleasing. Contrast this with other motorcycle ads that feature bikini-clad bimbos straddling or garishly posed on top of bikes where the message seems to be, "Get this bike and get laid". What a difference!

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