Thursday, February 1, 2018

The 2018 Super Cub is a Wonderful Surprise!

About five years ago I lamented the redesign of the Honda Super Cub.  I hated the way the 2013 model looked - like a cheap knock-off.  But Honda has totally redeemed itself with the 2018 model!  They brought it back to its iconic, elegant roots, restoring the sweeping, curved lines, 2-tone paint scheme, round headlight (now LED), and classic side covers. Technology-wise, of course, it's newer than ever, with an enhanced, low-friction engine, fuel injection, and a 2-stage catalytic converter.  2018 marks the 60th year of continuous production, and they recently passed the 100 million mark in terms of total units produced so far. Oh, if only they'd make this beauty available outside Japan!

Monday, November 13, 2017

"A Girl Named Tamiko" (1962), starring Laurence Harvey, France Nuyen, and a red C102! 

I don't think the Honda Super Cub has ever had as much screen time as in this film.

Care to name other movies where the Super Cub has made more than a cameo appearance?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Vietnamese Commercial for Honda Cub

Very cute.  I guess it's true that Vietnam is the place to go if you want to be immersed in Cub culture!

Monday, May 30, 2016

SYM Symba Exits the US Market

Alas, the SYM Symba has been discontinued.  After over 40 years, SYM has ceased manufacturing their well-made and somewhat unique version of the Super Cub. It had been available in the US since 2009, to the delight of stalwart Cub fans - but now that has come to an end. The Symba had been the only Cub available in the US in recent years from a reputable manufacturer (you can find cheap clones from dodgy Chinese manufacturers, but they are generally garbage), so now it's back to restoring '59 - '83 Hondas!

A bit of background about SYM:  known as San Yang Motorcycle in Taiwan, the company manufactured Honda motorcycles and automobiles there under license by Honda from 1961 to 2002, after which Honda entered the Taiwan market directly and SYM went on their own, designing and manufacturing scooters, motorcycles, and Hyundai automobiles (under contract with Hyundai).  They took the Cub design under their own engineering wings, renaming it the "Symba" and enhancing and improving the bike through the years. They added power (110cc), comfort (telescopic front fork), and modern technology (the domestic model in Taiwan was fuel-injected), but kept the monocoque underbone frame and Cub appearance.  As of 2015, the Symba actually looked more like the classic Cub than Honda's version (OMG. Super UGLY! Google it.).

Farewell, faithful, reliable, simple, and elegant friend!

Note:  There may still be some bikes in stock at SYM dealers, so if you had been considering buying one, better do it now! Go to Alliance Powersports to find a local dealer.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mike Nesmith (of Monkees fame) on a C102!

I don't know how this "Supercub sighting" slipped by, but here we have a C102 featured in a 1967 episode of, "The Monkees".  Actually, there are two in the show - one "normal" one and another modifed to appear as though its doing a wheelie (if you look closely you can see it's on a dolly).  If you'd like to watch the episode, it's on Youtube.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pictured above is a 1961 SYM Cub 50.  Yes - SYM, not Honda.  From the early 1960's to 2002, SYM (originally "Sanyang") manufactured Honda motorcycles in Taiwan under license.  This looks like a C100 model.  SYM still sells a bike derived from the Super Cub - the 100cc, fuel-injected "Symba"!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Honda Introduces the "Cross Cub" - New Version of the CT90/110!

Honda continues to surprise me with the way they keep coming back to their classic Cub and apply new ideas to it - or, as the case with this latest Cub variant, a new take on another classic, the CT90/CT110 series (known in some parts of the world as the, "Postie Bike").
Pictured here is the CC110, dubbed the, "Cross Cub" to convey the crossover design that aims this bike at both street off-street (trail) markets.  Unlike the CT series of yesteryear, it features an optional legshield (see last frame), turn signals, fuel-injection and an electric start. For trail appeal, it has the familiar up-swept exhaust (although with a new, more integrated look), aggressive street/trail tires, a rear rack, and a protective cage around the headlight.  The old CT-series colors are back as well - yellow and red.  Sa-weet!  Click here to view a Youtube video walk-around.