Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another 100% Restored Classic Super Cub on Ebay...

Here's another rare opportunity to own a classic 1964 Super Cub that's been totally restored.  The only downside to this bike is, it's being offered on Ebay as a "static display" - never been run since the engine rebuild and restoration. But it was restored with the intention to make it running (in other words, it's not just a cosmetic restoration).  Also, it it has no title.  But, replacement titles for bikes this old are not hard to get, or expensive.  You can find this bike here on Ebay. But hurry, the auction ends soon!  As with previous heads-up posts I've made about Cubs for sale, I have no connection whatsoever with this seller.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yes, you can still buy a "Brand New" Honda Super Cub here in the USA!

As a Super Cub affectionato, I see about one of these come up for sale a year.  They are amazing - bikes, which, although they were made 30+ years ago, are still - amazingly - brand new.  For one reason or another they were put away soon after their owners brought them home from the dealer, and stored somewhere safe, clean, and not too wet or dry. So, today they come out into the sunshine with no rust, no scratches, no dings or dents, no cracks, no wear on the engine, no imperfections whatsoever.  

This one is as new as if it just came out of the crate. Perfect condition all around.  Ready to ride or just park in the den and adore. The only thing I might suggest a new owner to do would be to put on new tires (which are readily available, thank God!). Of course, it also needs a new battery.

It's not mine (I wish) - it's for sale (and I have no relation to the seller whatsoever) on Ebay. You can find it, and more photos, here.