Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egads! Honda USA Ads from the (very) Early Days!

Honda's ad agency in the early '60's had quite a bit of flair on what was, obviously, a limited budget.  I just  love the two "gents" (one a nib in top hat and tails and the other from the working class).  Very non-motorcycle style, indeed!  They really were looking to find a new niche in the market.  Of course, back then, in many states you could walk into a Honda dealer, plunk down your $270 or so and ride home - no motorcycle endorsement or helmet required!  Not that I'm anti-helmet by any means, but I just feel that a person on a Super Cub wearing armor, riding boots and a Shoei RF1000 looks kind of ridiculous.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Honda Introduces "Heritage Collection" of Jackets, T-Shirts, etc...

I think this jacket with the retro Honda logo would look just right on anybody riding a classic Honda Super Cub!  It doesn't seem to be armored, but if your top speed is 35 MPH, maybe that's not so important.

I hope this new collection is going to be available through dealerships.  As of now, the (incomplete) selection is available here.  I'm not particularly impressed by the t-shirts, but this jacket is the bees knees!