Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1970 Super Cub Engine Ready to Run!

We're getting to the good parts of this 1970 Super Cub restoration! Tariq at www.cttrailbikes.com sent me a new set of pictures from his shop that show the engine completely back together and looking as though it did when it rolled off the assembly line 39 years ago. He's going to run it for a while to make sure all is well, and then ship it back here for mounting on the frame, etc... This may be the first time ever that a C70M has been both increased to 90cc and had a 4-speed transmission upgrade (standard is 3-speed, like all early Super Cubs). I can't wait to open the crate and get to work!


  1. It looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure it'll look great not to mention the upgrade in performance. Congratulations!

  2. Nice...I have a 69 CM91 with 700 miles and a 78 CT90. I've got a lot of good answers from Tariq. I got the 69 back to about A- quality...looks good

  3. They are hidden away !

    Fredolf and Peg Johnson in Tarpon Springs Florida have a very early 50cc SuperCub hidden away in their garage.
    Fredolf was a sales rep for American Honda in the early 60s


    1. Curious who Anonymous may be. I've been researching Fredolf Johnsons motorcycle life for some time now. I'd like more information.

  4. we need C70 engine for our 1970 Honda 50 kindly send us best quote at Karach Pakistan home


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