Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happiness is a Clean Engine!

My friend Tariq Shah at just posted a new set of photos of my 1970 C70M engine that he is rebuilding. Wow - what a difference from the way the engine looked with 39 years of gunk build-up! For the complete photo series (at least so far - there's still some work left), go here.
Once the engine is back on the bike I'll post some pics. I'm anxiously awaiting the results of this rebuild, because it includes an 88cc upgrade and the addition of a 4th gear to the transmission. I'm hoping that with the combination of the added power and gearing, plus a 15-tooth primary socket, I might be able to get this baby up to 55 mph! Maybe I should also lay-off the apple turnovers: that would probably help considerably.


  1. Hi,

    Is this the engine you're adding to the C100? Looks nice. By the way, about how much are you spending getting the engine rebuilt?

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  3. Hi Vidacolors,

    The total cost of this complete
    "show quality" engine rebuild and enhancement came to about $1,000. If you check the site, under their "Services" page shows you can pick and choose which parts of the engine you want rebuilt. Since I went for the whole smash, the total really added up, but a simple rebuild is under $600.

  4. Hey-it has electric start?? Lucky you. I stalled my CM91 in the middle of traffic a few times....not fun to kick and go with 30 cars behind you.


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