Friday, February 20, 2009

Latest Project - 1965 CA100

Well, I did it again! I bought a 1965 Super Cub that runs, has a title, but needs significant work. My wife, who loves me in spite of it, thinks I've got a screw loose. She's probably right. But, somehow, this bike really appeals to me, and I got it at a reasonable price. One thing I learned early in this restoration hobby is not to buy a bike that has no title - getting a replacement title in the State of New Jersey is kind of like - impossible.

What I plan to do in this project is rebuild the motor, add a 4th gear to the transmission, add turn signals and a corresponding turn signal control to the handlebar, install new rims and tires, replace the exhaust, re-cover the seat, and maybe even paint the frame. Then I'll ride it around for a while and pass it on to somebody who will take care of it for the rest of its "life".

Parts/services sources:

Engine rebuild: CT Trail Bikes -

Seat cover, blinkers, blinker handlebar switch: Ebay (most items from East Asia)

New wiring harness (that supports blinkers): Apex Cycle -

Tires/tubes: Beatrice Cycle -

Other parts: Ohio Cycle -

Frame painting: TBD (probably a local auto paint shop - one who's motto is, "No job too large or small".


  1. Yeah...I'm thinking of selling my CM91. A little too small for me-and the fun I have is restoring them too. I'll probably keep the CT90 and ride that around. How do you sell yours? I'm in NJ as well. You can see my CM91 on the Beatrice cycle website. it's the image he uses for the CM91 section.

  2. Nate-
    I'm in NJ. Got my CM91 and CT90 title by using one of the lost title services online..seems crazy but it worked. My CT90 has Maine plates that I need to transfer to NJ. Should be fine.

    My CM91 went through with no hitch. It has a NJ plate and title.

  3. I've got two c100's I'm in the process of restoring and would like to ask you a few questions.

  4. Hi, I'm restoring a '62 cub and can't find a tool to get the forks off. there's that one slotted bolt and I just haven't had any luck.
    Any advice?


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