Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did Don Draper Come Up With This One?

The ad reads:
"The old bus hasn't really retired.  She just doesn't get around much anymore.  Her owners have discovered a sure way to beat the traffic and parking problem (and have a barrel of fun in the bargain): the versatile Honda "50". There are a great many reasons why Honda has become America's new riding habit. The economy-minded love that Honda mileage - up to 225 miles per gallon - and the penny-pinching purchase price. The fun-minded love the way the Honda makes every trip a sheer delight. And everyone loves Honda's superb little 4-stroke engine that takes you places at a whisper-quiet 45-mph.  With its automatic clutch, 3-speed transmission, and advanced dual cam-type brakes both front and rear, even a youngster can ride the Honda "50" safely and easily the very first time! Discover the fun of two-wheel motoring at your Honda dealer soon. For the name of your nearest dealer (there are more than 800 across the country) call Western Union by number and ask for OPERATOR 25.
From $245
Copyright 1963 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


  1. Ah, if only I had a time machine to go back and buy one, sigh.

  2. Hi Gina, Thanks for visiting the blog. You can find Cubs for sale on Ebay - some in pretty "newish" condition. Apparently, they were so inexpensive back then and so popular that a lot of people bought them on impulse, rode them for one season or so, and then parked them in the garage or basement or barn for the next 45 years! So you can find them with under 2K miles and just needing a bit of a brush up to look pretty darn good! Search Ebay for "Honda Cub", "Honda C100" and "Honda C102". Regards, Nate


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