Thursday, February 25, 2010

Check Out TheScooterScoop for The Latest Super Cub Scoops!

I love this site. If you want to watch some very interesting videos taken at this year's Motorcycle Dealer Expo show, check out the content over at Steve Guzman's TheScooterScoop!  There's news about the Cub-based Sachs "Madass", which finally seems to be really here and is proving itself to be a quality product. There's also news about the recently popular Genuine brand of scooters, new helmets, jackets, and other innovative gear and equipment Steve found on the show floor.  One really cool bit of news you'll see is Honda's introduction of the (again, Cub-based) Wave 110 in Thailand, complete with a CVT transmission.  Looks like the Cub lives on!  Anyway, TheScooterScoop is well worth the visit (and a bookmark)! 

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